Our Top 7 Ways to Style Your Sheepskin

For those people that live in places with colder climates, sheepskin is an ideal material for them for the warmth it provides as well as the protection it gives against elements. This material comes from the hide of a sheep which is sometimes but not often referred to as lambskin. For centuries this reliable material has been used for practical purposes. The Greeks, Vikings and Romans were the earliest ancient cultures that used it.

Sheeps are among the first few animals that were first domesticated by mankind. These animals are not farmed for the fleeces they can provide but rather for their meat so a great amount of sheepskin get wasted in the process, leaving only a very little percentage to use, about 1%. The entire hide of the animal is made into sheepskins. The wool or pelt that is still attached to the skin goes through a process called tanning. Afterwhich, pelts are sewn together to form a rug.

Sheepskin rugs have many uses especially in home decor trends. The natural beauty of this versatile piece can elevate the ambiance of any space you add them in, whether the aesthetics is leaning towards a modern minimalist or more of a rustic one with a cosy feel. Here are seven various ways to style your space with our sheepskin rugs.

Layered Elegance:

If you have a big space or a large area at home and you wish to make that space more visually appealing, then a sheepskin rug would be a great investment. This piece can make that space more inviting with its impressively soft texture and rich appearance. One popular sheepskin rug for large areas is the Quatro sheepskin rug. With its full size, this rug can settle effortlessly into the space, adding depth and warmth to it. Just choose a colour palette that will complement the existing furniture of the space.


Chic Throw:

Accenting your furniture with a sheepskin rug is a trendy style these days. One chic way to do it is to drape the sheepskin rug over the back of an armchair or sofa. An artistic placement technique would surely do the trick with this styling approach coupled with choosing the right size or variant of the rug so it goes well with the furniture. The most common ones used for this stylish look are single sheepskin rugs. Two beautiful variants of these are the Rarebreed Icelandic Sheepskin and Tibetan Sheepskin Rug.

Bedroom Bliss:

It would be awesome to have a sheepskin rug in the bedroom. Aside from the cosy look and feel it gives your sleeping space, it feels good to have an incredibly soft landing for your feet when you wake up in the morning which this rug can provide. This rug is also dirt and bacteria resistant and can also be placed on top of the bed for you to sleep on for a more restful sleep as it gives comfort or you can simply just have one at the foot of your bed, keeping your toes toasty. Having a sheepskin rug in the bedroom won’t just offer the space an elevated look but also give its occupant a healthy wellbeing as it is known to have stress-reducing properties.

Statement Piece:

In any given space, it is essential to have something that stands out, a piece that captures interest or anything that draws the eye among the other things around. And what could be more perfect than a sheepskin rug hung on the wall! This is one way to make a bold statement when decorating a room but of course experimenting with different placements and playing around with arrangements will help give you more ideas and choices which you can choose from the best way you can showcase your central piece.

Cozy Corner:

Are you planning to create a nook at home? It would be lovely to check out popular trends in how to design one but if you wish to configure it on your own and showcase your artistry that would be a lot more fun! It would be wonderful to add more than just the basic or bare minimum essentials to make it more comfortable and aesthetically beautiful. You can layer sheepskin rugs on the floor and have a few sheepskin cushions to pair with those to enhance the warmth of the nook. You may also want to consider adding a sheepskin pouffe, one or two will do or better yet a giant sheepskin beanbag to make it more inviting if you plan to lounge around in there with some friends from time to time.


Rustic Charm:

Interior design that offers a rustic charm has a broad category and one that incorporates quite a range of style variations. But one thing in common among these variations is highlighting how natural beauty is being embraced. If you are leaning towards a rustic inspired decor scheme try adding a sheepskin rug to it for a gorgeous upgrade to make your space homey yet chic. You can pair the rug with wooden furniture or rustic accents so it gives your place that gorgeous upgrade without losing the comfortable feel of a rustic style yet giving your space that fashionable vibe.


Modern Minimalism:

In the world of modern minimalism, a sheepskin rug in this uncluttered layout scheme will always look stylish as it is well suited to various interior styles. It can go well with clean-lined furniture and even the simplest of decor pieces. You can lay a double sheepskin rug on the floor organically and could serve as a dog bed big enough for your furry companion to sleep on. You may also place it on a bench in your living room or drape your bars tools or dining chairs with Rarebreed British Sheepskin rugs.