Hyde & Hare x Dalrymple Studio

Having worked with Dalrymple Studio over the last few years, we were lucky enough to catch up with Amy and Hewie Dalrymple who founded the London-based interior design studio in 2018. 

Inspired by their vision and passion for all aspects of Interior Design and Architecture, the pair create schemes that feel cocooning, cohesive, connected, and full of charm sympathetic to the locality. We caught up with them to discuss how their projects are shaped by sustainability, what their secret sauce is and the future of Dalrymple Studio.

How has your background influenced your approach to interior design?
Amy: “Coming from a family involved in design and architecture, I've always had a passion for interior design. My professional journey, including working for high-end residential design firms, influenced my desire to create spaces that feel realistic and accessible to clients, steering the business towards more personal and sustainable design practices.”
A lot of your recent projects have included chalets in France, how did these come about?
Amy: “Our focus on chalets began with a project for a repeat client who had previously instructed us on their house in Fulham. After completing that project, they reached out to discuss a chalet they bought, and from there, one project has led to another through word of mouth and our portfolio presentations.”
What inspired the Nordic and Scandi-style aesthetic of your designs?
Amy: “The inspiration for our Nordic and Scandi-style aesthetic stems from a personal love of skiing and the mountains. We've always aimed to create cosy, homey spaces that incorporate clean Scandi textures, fur, and natural elements that align with our vision and personal tastes."
What strategies helped your business grow from starting at your kitchen table to handling multiple projects?
Amy: "Our portfolio growth was fuelled by leveraging social media, especially Instagram, to build a client base and showcase our design work, which led to increased visibility and repeat clients. We’ve maintained a business model that emphasized personal connections and sustainability, regardless of the project size."
How has social media, particularly Instagram, impacted your business?
Amy: "Instagram has been instrumental in our growth, helping us build a client base and has been a useful platform to share our story and projects. It's amazing how an online opportunity or image can lead to new enquiries, and projects. Our presence on social media has encouraged repeat clients and allowed us to showcase our commitment to unique, personalized interior design."
How do you ensure your designs align with your personal style and client needs?
Amy: "We don’t have a particularly strong house style, but we always focus on creating homey spaces with natural textures and fabrics that are practical for our clients' lifestyles. We prioritise understanding and integrating our clients' needs and preferences into our designs, aiming for comfort and functionality without compromising aesthetics."

That being said, we always try and push the boundaries with colour and pattern. I love finding amazing fabrics to add a playful touch to a scheme, it could be a fun Pierre Frey fabric, which we would mix with natural linens. We’ve just upholstered an otterman covered in dog faces that we’ve designed for a party barn, to reflect the owner’s pets – it’s a fun, quirky element that really brings the space together and what we imagine will provide a talking point among guests. Through each of our projects runs an authentic and considered design thread that evokes a relaxed, English countryside aesthetic. I’d say our designs are always hung together with charm, fun elements and personal touches.

Ultimately, it’s a combined effort between us and the client to achieve a scheme that we can all feel proud of."

How do you see collaboration within the interior design industry?
Amy: "We believe in the power of collaboration and sharing within the industry. There's a potential for designers and suppliers to come together to share ideas and resources, which can lead to more innovative and sustainable design solutions. We advocate for a more open and collaborative approach, similar to what we see in other markets like the U.S."
What does the future look like for Dalrymple Studio?
Amy: "We aim to expand our reach internationally and continue working on projects that resonate with us personally, including more chalets. Our vision includes maintaining a small, collaborative team to ensure that every project receives a personal touch and upholding our commitment to sustainability."
What role does sustainability play in your projects?
Amy: "Sustainability is at the heart of our projects. We strive to use natural and sustainable materials, carefully considering the lifecycle and environmental impact. Although sourcing sustainable materials can be challenging and sometimes more expensive, it's a crucial part of our design philosophy and something we're passionate about.
We face challenges in sourcing fully sustainable materials but are committed to finding solutions that minimize environmental impact, such as choosing natural dyes and organic linens, and working with suppliers who share our sustainability goals."

How do you source and select suppliers for sustainable materials?
Amy: "Finding suppliers often involves a mix of Pinterest, Instagram, and direct searches for companies aligned with our sustainability values. The process can be time-consuming and requires meticulous research to ensure materials meet our sustainability criteria."
The Genesis and Growth
Amy's journey into interior design was predestined with both parents in the design and architecture field, propelling her from crafting PowerPoint presentations for Christmas wish lists to studying interior architecture and gaining experience in high-end residential projects. The leap to entrepreneurship was made alongside her business-savvy partner, Hewie, starting from scratch to build a portfolio that resonates with their vision of creating homely, sustainable spaces.

The Secret Sauce: Repeat Clients and Instagram
The studio's growth can be attributed to the power of Instagram and the loyalty of repeat clients. By sharing their story and projects, they've cultivated a client base that appreciates their approach to design—making interior design accessible and not overly commercialized. Their work ethos revolves around maintaining a small, dedicated team to ensure personalized and consistent service for every client.
Sustainability at Heart
Amy emphasizes the importance of sustainability in their projects, exploring how to incorporate natural and sustainable materials without compromising style or quality. This ethos is not just about using organic materials but also about understanding the lifecycle and impact of those materials on the environment. The challenge lies in sourcing materials that align with these values, especially in a market where sustainability can often come with a higher price tag.
Vision for the Future
Looking ahead, Amy and her team aim to expand their international footprint while staying true to their core values of sustainability, personal connection, and design integrity. They aspire to take on projects that resonate with them on a deeper level, enabling them to craft spaces that tell a story and reflect the essence of their clients.