How to Care for your Sheepskin Rug?

Your luxury sheepskin rug has pride of place in your home. You love its sumptuously soft pile, gorgeous natural tones and undeniable versatility. It looks just perfect on display in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. So how do you make sure it stays that way? At Hyde & Hare, we strive to provide our customers with products that will last a lifetime. However, these natural materials need care and attention to ensure their longevity. Fortunately, there are some simple care steps you can take to get the best out of it and keep it looking beautiful. Here are our recommendations.
 Did you know? Sheepskin contains an antibacterial wax called Lanolin, which gives this soft and natural material its self-cleaning properties. Lanolin is integral to the condition of the wool. Every time a sheepskin is washed the fibres are stripped of their natural wax coating, causing the skin to dull and matte over time. To protect the condition of your beloved sheepskin rug, please follow these tried-and-true methods.



Washing Your Sheepskin Rug by Hand
We highly recommend that you do not clean your sheepskin rugs in the washing machine. The hot water and spin of the machine can affect the size and texture of your sheepskin, causing irreversible damages.
Washing your sheepskin rug by hand is a widely preferred technique that ensures a much gentler process, protecting the fibres for longer. Before attempting to wash your sheepskin, we suggest brushing the wool with a carding brush to avoid tangles and matting.
1. When brushed, submerge your hide in cold water and add a shampoo specifically designed for sheepskin rugs. Gently swish your sheepskin in the cold water to loosen any dirt caught in the fibres.
2. Once the water is dirty, empty and refill with more cold water, repeating the process until the water runs clear.
3. Once your sheepskin is clean, squeeze out as much water as you can before placing it on a flat surface (leather side up), in cool and well-ventilated area. Do not place in direct sunlight, this will damage the wool fibres. 
 We appreciate accidents do happen. Any small spillage on your sheepskin rug should be immediately spot cleaned with a clean, damp cloth and light wool detergent. Once dry, gently brush the fibres with a wool carding brush.
How Do You Brush a Sheepskin Rug
Before brushing, give your sheepskin a thorough shake to remove excess dust and dirt particles. Use a sheepskin wool carding brush to detangle the wools fibres and leave it sumptuously soft. This will restore the pile to its original state, ensuring a longer lasting sheepskin rug. Please, don’t worry if some of the fibres are removed when brushing, this is completely normal.
How to Get the Smell Out of Your Sheepskin Rug
Sheepskin rugs are natural odour suppressors. Odour molecules in the air are absorbed by the wool pile, effectively becoming trapped and less detectable to the human nose.
If your sheepskin starts to smell, we recommend sprinkling a light amount of baking powder on the wool to absorb the unwanted odours. After a few hours, remove the baking powder using your vacuums’ hose attachment. If a strong smell persists, follow the handwashing instructions displayed above.
How Do You Prevent a Sheepskin Rug from Turning Yellow?
Sheepskins of a lighter shade are prone to yellowing if not looked after properly. Here are some easy tips and tricks to prevent sheepskin discolouration.
Make sure that your sheepskin isn’t exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. The removal of yellow stains from a sheepskin rug is incredibly difficult and, in most cases, impossible without damaging the wools fibres. We advise that you keep your rug in a shaded and cool corner of your home.
By following these simple guidelines, your luxury sheepskin will stay looking beautiful for many years to come.
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