How to Care For Your Cowhide

 How to Care For Cowhide

Your luxury cowhide accessory has pride of place in your home. You love its unique patterns, its gorgeously rich colours and soft sleeky feel. It looks just perfect on display in your living room. So how do you make sure it stays that way?
All our luxury cowhide is hand selected from the world’s best suppliers and expertly finished using the very best techniques. Yet, it’s worth remembering that cowhide is a natural, organic material. It has undergone a special tanning process to retain its qualities, so a little care keeping it looking its best is not too much to ask.
Cowhide rugs and accessories do last years and stand up well to usage in a busy lived-in home, they are both durable and stylish. Day to day use and the odd occasional spill can impact your cowhide. Fortunately, there are some simple care steps you can take to get the best out of it and keep it looking beautiful. Here are our recommendations.


10 Ways to Care for your Cowhide 

A simple care kit - A basic tool kit will help you when caring for your cowhide. We recommend these simple, every-day items; a hard bristle brush, a gentle soap, a soft sponge, a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment and a protective spray such as Scotch Guard.

Keep out of direct sunlight - Very strong sunlight can affect the tones and interfere with the tanning, so displaying your gorgeous cowhide out of the sun is a better option.

Avoid bathrooms - We agree, cowhide does look stunning in your designer bathroom, but it’s probably best to avoid if possible. Too many water splashes may cause damage and impact its pristine look.

Brush regularly - Use your hard bristle brush to keep your cowhide accessories looking perfect and sleek. Always brush in the natural direction of the hair. There’s no specific guideline to this, once or twice a week would be our advice.

Vacuum once a week - Your cowhide will pick up dust and other flecks, so use the brush attachment of your vacuum to get deep into the fibers to keep it clean. Again, work in the natural direction of the hair so it stays looking good.

A good shake - For a real clean down, take you cowhide accessory outside and beat it with a stick or similar. This is a great way to loosen and remove any dust or dirt particles that the vacuum can’t reach.

Removing marks and stains - If a mark does get on your cowhide, use a gentle soap with a just a splash of water to remove it. Leather soaps and soft baby shampoos are a good option. Add a small amount on your sponge and rub gently until the stain disappears. Never use alkaline soaps, they are simply too abrasive and will damage it. Make sure to take it outside immediately to dry.

Never soak your cowhide - Soaking your cowhide in water can cause long term damage. Always use just the smallest amount of water. Cowhide is tanned to better preserve the proteins on the skin. By soaking your cowhide, you can disrupt the tanning materials and your cowhide won’t look as good.

Deep steam clean - If you have several cowhide accessories, a steam cleaner may be a good investment.  Steam is particularly good for removing any lodged particles of dirt and dust where vacuuming isn’t enough. Pass the steamer just above the surface of your cowhide taking care as you work, then take it out into the sunlight to dry. This can be done twice a year as part of your general care routine.

Protect your cowhide - Adding a layer of Scotch Guard or another fabric protector can help repel stains before they happen. After cleaning your cowhide rub it down gently with a small amount of fabric protector, that way it will stay clean for longer. Also, store any accessories in their dust bags when not in use.

By following these simple guidelines, your luxury cowhide will stay looking beautiful for many years to come.

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