7 Best Cowhide Rug Décor Ideas 2023

Cowhide rugs have always been regarded as luxurious pieces that can be incorporated in various interior designs. Just the mere addition of one in a room completely elevates the overall aesthetic value. Whether you want to have a cozy feel or an upscale vibe to your interior, you will find how easy it is to add these rugs and appreciate how well they can blend with the rest of the design elements. Because we know that you would love to find design inspiration, we have curated 7 best cowhide rug decor ideas. 2023 is the year that you should seriously consider the addition of these luxurious pieces to your interior design.

Living Room Centerpiece

We all have seen various ways by which rugs can compliment the nice furniture pieces that we have in the living room, but among the different rug materials, the versatility of a cowhide rug is unmatched.

While it can go under the coffee table or under the couch it can also be the very centerpiece of your living room. It is a unique art piece in itself, and even with minimal furniture and decorations around, it will definitely make the room feel more elegant.

The cowhide rug is also nice to the touch especially when you have your foot on it while sitting on the couch.

Bedroom Accent

Source: Apartment Therapy

When your bedroom has space that is wide enough to accommodate a cowhide rug, you should take the opportunity to add one! You can find rugs that match the tones and colors of your bed or you can go for a contrasting color to make a statement piece. Either way, bedrooms are considered one of the best spaces you can feature a rug, and one that is made of cowhide makes for the most eye-catching pieces you can have in your bedroom’s interior.

By the Fireplace

There’s nothing cozier than having a rug under your feet while you sit by the fireplace. Some would even love to lay on it and enjoy its softness. And sometimes the comfortable texture makes some people doze off while on the rug. On the other hand, others prefer to use these rugs to serve as a beautiful focal piece in this particular section of the home.

Regardless of your space’s setting, be it contemporary, country style or with a modern touch, a rug by the fireplace enhances the overall atmosphere of the space as it adds a certain warmth to it, making it a worthy investment.

In choosing a fireplace rug, consider the elements you have by the fireplace. It’s best if the color of choice will be in perfect harmony with the space’s design, perfect with the existing furniture and just the right size for the place.


In the Study

Source: @ardeeseaman via Instagram

One of the rooms at home that we like to think of how best to style, is the study room. Giving its design a functional approach is ideal but we’ve seen how a minimalistic interior design brings out the best look for the study.

Choosing interior pieces for the study could be tricky as those should be furnishings evoking a sense of calmness and command concentration. One soft furnishing that you’d like to consider in your study is a cowhide rug. This decor will serve as an anchor in your study and with the right hue, it can provide you that work environment you wanted to achieve. To make your study more stylish, it is best to identify its ideal placement in the room and make sure to only go for a premium quality cowhide rug.


Dining Room Ornament

Source: Domino Magazine via Pinterest

The dining area is probably one of the most used spaces of the home where everyone gets together to enjoy good food and each others’ company. This is why dining room designs have a comfortable approach. One decor to complete this manner is a rug made of the finest cowhide because it can complement the style, the colours and the ambiance of the room.

When buying one for your dining room, get something that matches the shape of the table, but if you can’t find one, going for a much larger one would be ideal.


Wall Decor


Source: HomeAdore via Pinterest

When it comes to glamming up your place, there are so many ideas that come up in mind from which colors to go for, what furnishings to have and how to turn your space into something chic. One stunning feature piece that you can have at home is a cowhide rug, and where to put it? On your wall, of course!

A display of this can surely bring texture to your space. You can either frame this extra element of style and attach it to the wall or go for the easiest route, which is to simply mount it on the wall, as it is. What makes this rug a fancy sight on your wall is that it is a decor that never goes out of style or out of season.


Bathtub Companion


Source: African dreams via Pinterest

While it is not a common sight to find a rug in most bathrooms, when you are going for a rustic or country look, that is exactly the perfect piece that will totally transform your bathroom experience. If your bathtub sits on a rather dull or plain looking wooden floor, adding the right size and color of cowhide rug makes for a delightful combination that is pleasing to the eye. When done right, your bathroom can turn into an enchanting haven that’s stylish yet calming and inviting, as what any good bathroom should be.


We’re certain that as you have scrolled through the examples shown above, your mind is already rushing with so many brilliant ideas on your next home-improvement project. We hope you have found inspiration as you start looking for that perfect piece of rug made of high quality cowhide material that will wonderfully transform your design project into that picturesque master-piece that you could be proud of.